About InfoDeep

INFODEEP TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. Was started in August 2003 by Mr. Avinash Patil. Today, we are One of the India’s Fastest growing Software Companies, We Have achieved a pioneer position as well as a well-known player in the Insurance & investment software Industry by proving a technological solutions to the private and public sector.

INFODEEP TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. Is headquartered in Mumbai, with there large operations and customer base across the country.

Infodeep defines designs and delivers technology enabled business solutions through a Global Delivery model (GDM), which deliver 24X7 services.

Our Dealership network is developed with the Co-operation of our more than 25 channel partners across the country Operating In Area like Mumbai, M.P, Gujarat, Bihar, Delhi, Calcutta, U.P, Punjab and many more Ready To associate with us and there approach and attitude Towards Us makes Infodeep The KING OF SOFTWARE INDUSTRY. Infodeep Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Has strength of more than 75 professional employees. With the proper co-ordination and positive attitude, Infodeep is able to market our products very well in market and also join more number of clients. These strength helps and give Strong support to more than 25000+ BimaDeep users across every part of the Country. Infodeep develops customized solutions, erp-solutions, crm solutions etc. Amongst all products we developed for the Indian insurance market, our most successful Product named as BimaDeep Supreme (LIC). We also have other products like GIC express (GIC), Investment Tracker (IT), BimaDeep Concept and CRM Solutions. The most important thing is that our success is totally by our innovative and historical software BimaDeep Supreme that is been widely liked and accept by our satisfied 25000+ BimaDeep users including all Top Agents, Club Members, CLIA Agents, Top Development Officers, Sub Agents, Brokers etc.

Infodeep Vision:

  • To develop a relationship of understanding through a channel of co-ordination and make friendly relationships of breathing for a continuous growth and fulfilling the dreams of life.

Infodeep Mission:
  • To create an excellence results for our clients and create a tranquility of mind.
  • To construct leadership in quality, service and relationships with our clients.
  • To develop and design cost effective, innovative, qualitative, unbelievable conceptual software solutions & Services to maximize Business Of the Group Related with Us.
  • To become a lifetime partner of our clients and helps them in every part of there life.

Our Mission:
“To Help Ever Insurance Agent, Become a Best Run Business”